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Probably the most powerful weapon used in the war, was the cannon. A cannon shot a solid iron projectile at very high speed. The cannon was about 2-3 meters long ( variable size ) and some weighed over a ton. Cannons were used in many field battles during the Revolutionary war. A field piece cannon was usually used in an open field battle. A field piece had a built in carriage so the cannon could be easily moved with horses. Most field pieces used a six-pound cannon ball. Cannons were also used on ships of war. Every ship was equipped with at least two cannons. Many boats used the thirty-two-pound cannons like the one in the diagram. Others liked to have a farther range with lighter cannon balls. The cannons on ships varied from ship to ship. Cannons also were used as defense in a fort. They were good at fending off invading troops and sometimes even ships. The thirty-two-pound cannon was usually used to defend forts because it brought a big punch to soldiers.